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About Us

I'm the guy who lets you in his lane with a peace sign gesture, then goes on tapping his steering Angus Young’s guitar screaming out the car window.

Hey - I'm not rushing life. I enjoy doing nice things for others and I happen to really like AC/DC.

My name is Mark.

I believe in magic and a lot of things others don’t see. I love my wife, like fast bikes, sunsets, dogs and spending hours in the kitchen with guests while cooking a great meal. I love rock and roll and I’m actually not bad on the air guitar. I appreciate the true beauty of a laugh line, or a rose bush.

I believe that love at first sight happens, because I married Carol 29 years ago.

I have taught my kids to drive, I’ve coached softball, had my daughter cry on my shoulder of a broken heart, and held my grandchild’s hand as they took their first steps.

I have won in life, I have lost in life. But always go on loving life.

As a man, I am a son, brother, husband, father, grandfather and friend. But, I am also an artist and photographer.

Thank You for taking the time to view my work.